How Old Are You When You're In Middle School?


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Well, when you fist start in 6th grade, normally your 11-12, when your in 7th, 13-14 and 8th, 14-15
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I was 12 & 13 in middle school.
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  • Well, assuming you didn't skip/fail any grades;
  • If in a state where middle school starts in 7th grade, then the age for starting would be 11-12, depending on your birthday.
  • If in a state where middle school starts in 6th grade, then the age for starting would be 10-11, once again depending on birthday.
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I guess 13.

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6th is 11,12,13 7th 12,13 8th 14,maybe 15
Hope this heps!!
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For me, it starts at 6th grade (11 and 12 year olds) and goes through eighth grade (13 and 14 year olds)
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5th Grade: 10-11
6th Grade: 11-12
7th Grade: 13-14
8th Grade: 14-15
(these are if students aren't held back)
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Either 11 or 12 in sixth grade 12 13 or 14 in seventh grade and 13 14 15 in eighth grade
I say thirteen in eigth grade because my cousin is in eight grade and he is thirteen hope this helps:?
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Well me being a highschooler now, I know my middle school started in 5th grade you are 10-11 in 6th grade I was 11- and turned 12, in 7th grade I was 12 and turned 13 and in 8th grade I was 13- and turned 14, but there were 13 years old and 15 years olds in my 8th grade class, depending on birthdays :) hope I helped
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I would say around the ages of 11 and 14 thats if your birthday is late or you failed a grade you might be a lil older then that .

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