Everyday after school I have to come home and look after my 5 year old brother, do my homework and make dinner while my dad is out at his girlfriends house and partying. I am only 12 and all of my friends are going shopping after school?


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It's your dad's problem. Sit down and talk to him when you get a chance and tell him that you do a lot for him and you don't feel like he's giving you enough attention. Ask him politely if maybe just a day or two a week you could go out and have fun with your friends, just like he does. Hope this helps!
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Oh my god what r you talking about... You done all these stuff... I have words to describe you that your mom-dad exploit your beautiful lovely playing days.. I know you feeling very bad(pain)... I am feeling the same hurt which you feel my friend alicia... You just start writing your daily ture story, your emotion,yourfeeling so that one day you analize the fact that how cruel the real world is.... I pray to god that  you soon realife all these stuff and enjoy your childdays with your friends!take care

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