What Can I Do For A Graduation Bulletin Board In My Classroom?


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As the end of an academic year approaches, teachers often like to create a graduation bulletin board in their classroom to give students a chance to reflect on the year they have just shared and look ahead to a future outside of school. It will be an emotional time for most students so it is important to give them a chance to be reminded of the good memories they have from school while preparing them for the big road ahead. Dividing the board into sections that can be interactive with the students is a fun way to get everybody involved. Some of the sections you can make on your graduation bulletin board include looking into the future, looking back on the year and advice from teachers.

While many graduates may feel like they have no idea what they are going to do next and others have every day planned, this section gives students the opportunity to think about where they would like to be this time next year and share their thoughts with their friends. Students can think about how they plan to get to this position or, if they are at a loose end, they can think about the skills they have and where they might take him or her.

Looking back over the past few years the pupils have spent in education, they can use this section of the bulletin board to write down funny quotes and memories, stick up some embarrassing photos from when they were much younger or write something about their fellow students.

As you say goodbye to your students, you can send them off with some helpful hints by incorporating an advice section into your bulletin board. Pack this bit with tips about how to write a good cover letter and CV, interview techniques or a guide to how they can survive their first few weeks at college.
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You might issue diplomas. There are free templates available on the net. Decorate the bulletin to look like one large diploma. And then make small name cards also looking like the diplomas but with just the trim and name and place the name cards on the board as you hand out the diplomas.
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I do toddler to grad grad pics.

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