How Do You Write A Employee Promotion Email?


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Many people, after they have been in a job for a while, figure they may be due for a pay rise or even a promotion. Approaching such an issue is an awkward situation for most employees and doing so through email may be the easiest and most convenient approach.

It may well be worth trying to organize a meeting or at least a chat with your boss to discuss a promotion in person, as at least then you can put forward your case and have the opportunity of gauging feedback.

If an email is your only option, then there are a few things worth considering:
  • Make sure you don't jeopardize the position you already have with the company by mentioning a promotion. State clearly that you are happy in your role but you were wondering if there is an opportunity to move up within the firm.
  • At every opportunity make it clear how much you have done since you have been in your job. Almost like when you are applying for a new role, use this as a chance to show off all of your skills and attributes.
  • Make sure you express your interest in the company in your email. Don't make it appear that you are only interested in earning more money, state that you are interested in moving up the company ladder and prolonging your career.
  • Don't just make the email about you. Express an interest in feedback from your boss or manager, as they may have you in line for a promotion, but not at that precise moment and might advise you to continue doing what you are doing until such an opportunity arises.
  • Whatever you do, don't burn your bridges. Make sure you let it be known you are happy in your position and are happy with the company.

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