What Is The Difference Between Formal, Non-formal And Informal Education?


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Difference between informal and formal education
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Formal education is regarded as an education system running
from primary school through the university
in addition to general academic studies.It also include different specialised programmes and institutions for full time technical and professional training.

Informal education is somewhat a lifelong process whereby every
students acquires attitudes,skills,values and knowledge from daily experience
.They also gain some ethical values from educative influences and resources  from the educational environment.

Non formal education is achieved through any organized  educational activity which is outside formal
system of education .It’s main goal is to identify learning objective.These  system has more structure than that
associated with informal learning.

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Formal education – Organized, guided by a formal prospectus, leads to a officially
recognized official document such as a high school completion diploma or a
degree, and is frequently guided and documented by government at some level. Non formal learning organized (even if it is only loosely
organized), may or may not be guided by a formal set of courses. This type of learning
may be led by a qualified teacher or by a head with more knowledge.  Buy MBA assignmnets

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