How To Convert Weight Into Mass?


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Use this formula
where, m=mass
g=gravitational acceleration (On earth it is approx.10)
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The formula for weight-mass relationship is

w = mg

110 lb = 50 kg
w = 50 x 9.8

w = 490 Newton

weight of a 110lb women on earth is 490 Newton.

Notice, the weight on Jupiter will be different because the value of g would be different.

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I am impressed with that answer but still i have a different way of answering this question
your formula is correct
w = mg
w= 50x9.8

w=490 newton
i agree but that not the answer to this question please have a look at my solution
w = m x g
ok if we are removing w(490newton according to formula) and g(9.8m/s square) form this equation what we get is m that is 50kgs which is mass now
recalcaulate the above formula by assumption that gravity is zero(0)
so w = 50 x 0
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Now assume gravity as 1 so we get w = 50 x 1, w = 50 = m so mass will be same on every occasion when your moving the object in different gravitational fields so
weight 110lbs = 50kgs will remain same when that women will land on jupiter so we just need to add the gravitational force of jupiter to the above formula we will get
w = 50 x 25.95
so w = 1297.5 newtons
so 1297.5 newtons will be the weight of that women on jupiter.
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59x the weight +25% of that then divide by 11
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If you have a 50lb dog that is 2 1/2 ft tall...what is it's mass body weight in Kilograms?

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