What Is The History & Origin Of Tamil Language?


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Tamil has no proper date of origin .the language of indus valley civilisation is a type of pro-tamil.Almost tamil is the only language having a non sanskrit version for almost every word
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Tamil is a very old language and belongs to the Dravidian age. It is spoken by the tamils in Srilanka, India and Singapore. There are more than 77 million speakers of this language around the world. It is 2000 years old language. It originated in the Dravidian age and later was influenced by Sankirt. Here is the link for complete history:
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Tamil and Kannada are two languages which are very old when it comes to the usage terms. The birth of Tamil and Kannada can be dated at 500 and 450 BC slot respectively. These languages can be called as Sister languages as they were influenced by each other. We find many Kannada words being used in old Tamil scripts and some Tamil words in Kannada scripts. Both the languages in their purest form have no influence of any language on earth except for each other. Other old languages such as Pali and Prakrit have the influence of Kannada but not of Tamil. It is the same with other Dravidian languages such as Tulu, Telugu, Beri bashe, Kodava thak etc. That have more influence of Kannada than Tamil. The Script used by the above mentioned languages are also similar/same as Kannada script. There is also a sharp difference between the Kannada and Tamil script proving thats both were born and raised independently.
There is no correct information on the origin of Tamil or Kannada as most of the historians take into account the time of the oldest written record as the origin time. This may not be a correct form of validation of origin of a Language.
From the above information there arises questions such as; Which is the oldest language? Why Tamil has no much influence on other language or no other languages have influence on Tamil?
The older the language the more influence it would have on other languages. Although Tamil is considered as the oldest of the Dravidian Languages there is no much influence on other Dravidian languages. Is Pro-Tamil used in the Harappa civilization a form of Kannada? There is a need of very deep research into the usage of sounds such as "Po" in (Tamil) which is "Ho" in (Kannada). How did the sounds change? What are the reason for the change?
When all these questions are answered then the Origin of the very beautiful, good sounding Tamil (Tamiz) language will be known. There are accounts that Tamil originated from a pro-Egypt language but no proper proof has been shown.
So, I conclude by saying that much research is required in to the languages to exactly know the History and Origin of Tamil Language.

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