How Are Sperm Cells Produced And Incubated At A Lower Temperature Than Body Temperature?


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Sperms are produced in the testes by spermatocytes through a process called spermatogenesis under the influence of DihydroTesterone. Exact location of spermatogenesis is germinal epithelium leydig cells of testes. Every Germ Cell (Sperms & Eggs) has a specific temperature requirement for incubation. Below or above that temperature it does not survive. That is why testes are located inside scrotum. The internal temperature of scrotum is usually 2 degree less than body temperature. To maintain this, the scrotum along with testes stick to body during cold and go away in hot condition.
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Sperm cells are produced in the testicles or testes for short. The scrotum contain your testes where the sperm cells are produced and stored. Sperm cells can die at normal body temp, which is why the scrotum is away from the body and has a temp about 92 degrees which allows the sperm to survive. Hope this helps with your lab.

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