How Do I Write An Appeal For Financial Aid?


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Firstly, you need to begin with the necessary personal information and find out who the letter will need to go to.

  • Writing a Letter
The letter needs to be in business format. You may want to use Microsoft templates to get a general idea of the format. This can help since there are a lot of other theories in how a letter should be formatted. In general, most companies tend to use Microsoft templates and similar ones for their letter needs.

You need to find who you are writing the letter to. It is better to have a name than the old standby "to whom it concerns." This is because it shows you are serious about the topic at hand. The more work you put into the letter the more successful you might be.

  • Body of the letter
The first sentence needs to state who you are and your intention. You goal in this case is to write an appeal for financial aid. You should start off by explaining why you feel the denial should be changed. Why is the rejection incorrect, given your situation? In some instances a denial is because you technically have too much income. You may not, so you may state your actual income and your actual sources of income. Then you can launch into how you would like help to solve the issue, so that you may be able to afford going to college for further education.

Do not be negative or say that they were outright wrong. Instead, simply mention your situation and what makes it unique and thus requires a reward of financial aid through an appeal. Support the letter with as much evidence as possible to help get a solution in your favor. Always avoid being negative as it puts off the reader.

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Normally there are set patterns for every institute that you are going to appeal for. However, as a starter, it is important to have just the right format, tone and language of the letter. As an effective letter must have effective language. Here is a link from where you can get a sample appeal for financial aid:
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Here is a link from where you can get a sample letter of appeal for the purpose of Financial Aid:
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I admire your wanting to do something proactive to do the best you can for your family.  I wouldn't want to write the letter, but if you write one and e-mail it to me, I'll be happy to edit it and give other suggestions.  You can contact me here.

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