In Journalism, What Is An Inverted Triangle? By Chaquayla(sha-kayla) Make The Grade School.


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The Inverted Triangle is the list of essential content in a story listed in priority order. The elements at the top of the triangle are the most important, and the elements at the bottom are less relevant things that may need to be considered. The order is like this:

1. Who, what, where, when, why - these should be answered in the intro paragraph.
2. Any of the above not mentioned in the intro.
3. State how you know this is true.
4. Give a quotation from someone directly involved.
5. List more in-depth detail of the event.
6. Give more quotations if necessary.
7. Any relevant issues not covered.
8. Things that need to be mentioned but could not be placed anywhere else.

I hope this helps.

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