What Is The Difference Between "Would Have Been" And "Must Have Been"?


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"Would have been" can be referred to something I feel it can be like this ... And "must have been" refers, it is commanding you can say..... It should be like this and it should be.
Eg. If you doesn't do anything and your boss tell you that it must have done.
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"Would have been" - suggests a codependent relationship between an event and its causation. Using this phrase assumes certainty about causation/event  .: I.e., something is true because something else was so.  "She would have been late if she had overslept."  "You would have been cold without your coat."    Must have been - suggests only supposition (a guess) about the past event --using this phrase only implies an assumption as to what might be true, and leaves the assumption open for further confirmation:  I.e., something may have occurred because of something else.    "She must have been late because she overslept."  "You must have been cold since you had no coat."

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