What Is The Difference Between Has And Has Been?


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I m still confuse . I could not understand that what is the difference between has and has been . Please anybody would explain this .
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"Has" is the 3rd person singular form of the verb "have" (I have/ he/she/ it has.) Have or has been is the present perfect form of the verb "to be."

You can use "has been" in sentences like these:

- he has been to London (present perfect simple: here, the verb "been" means "travelled")
-he has been attacked (present perfect passive, meaning somebody has attacked him)
-he has been working for 2 hours (present perfect continuous, meaning a continued or repeated action/ event.)

In most present perfect simple sentences you use the verb have/ has plus the 3rd form (past participle) of another verb, eg "He has eaten dinner" "she has lost her watch." In these sentences the action is complete, but connected with the present. If you say "He has been eating dinner" it suggests that the action is not finished or has been going on for some time.

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Has been shows routine
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He has been discharged or he has discharged from hospital?
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Has - he has done the work

Has been- He has been working with ABC for the past two years. So it is continous.

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