What Is The Difference Between " I Am Using To....." And "I Used To....."


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"I am using to.." is not correct. You may mean "I am used to..." or "I usually..."

"I am used to" means: I have the habit; it is familiar to me/ no longer new. The phrase is always followed by a noun or a gerund (-ing form of verb.) Examples include "I am used to living in the city, so I don't mind the noise" or "I found it difficult to wake up early when I first started work, but now I'm used to it."

"I usually" means: It is my routine. For instance: "I usually have coffee for breakfast." "My friend usually plays tennis on a Saturday."

"I used to" + infinitve verb, is quite different; this form refers only to past habit (something you don't do any more.) For example: "I used to live in Paris, but now I live in London" or "we used to be friends, but we lost contact."

I hope this helps.

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