How Can I Get My Rn License Number If I Have Lost It?


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Obviously having your RN licence number is important to have. Employers typically require this to make sure that the RN has a valid licence in place. One way of finding out your RN Licence number is to verify your RN licence, you can contact your own state Board of Nursing since a verification process is available there. You may also get more information through their specific websites. For example if you’re a resident of California, you may go to Or if you’re from New York, you may visit

When you go to these sites, search for their online verifications page. Then, you can enter the person’s first and last name, birth date, social security number or licence number. The site will verify the RN license whether it’s still current or not.

Another resource to verify an RN licence is Nursys License Verification systems. Most states are already a part of this national database. You can get RN verification here for a fee. Verifying your licence is also important when you want to practise registered nursing in another state. Of course, it will be more convenient for employers to verify their potential employees’ licences using this system.
Nursys License Verification systems verify licences electronically. To verify an RN licence using this system, the licence application packet of the nurse needs to be on hand.

It will require you to fill in your name, email address, social security number, licence number and credit card in order to pay for the $30 fee. Your verification is valid for 90 days, after which, you need to request again for a new verification. After verification, a receipt would be sent to the email address provided in the application.
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I forgot my Password. RN license number how can I find out what it is?

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I hope I don't ever have you for a nurse !!  Not because you lost your license, but because you don't know the answer to this question !    WOW  !!

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