I Let My CNA License Expire. How Can I Reinstate Them In Texas?


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According to texas-nursing-schools.com there is no expiration date on your nurse aide certificate. In order to maintain active status you have to contact the Texas Nurse Aide Registry and confirm your employment status at least every two years. Your certificate however, can become inactive ’If you were not employed as a nurse aide for 24 consecutive months you will lose your certification and will be removed from active status on the Nurse Aide Registry.’

If you were not employed as a nurse aide for 24 consecutive months, you need to retake the state certification exam or enroll in a new facility-based nurse aide program to be restored to active status. If you feel confident enough to take the exam, you do not need to attend a training program.

You will be allowed to take the exam if you have successfully completed the training portion of an approved NATCEP in any state, successfully completed military training of 100 hours or more which is equivalent to civilian nurse aide training, you successfully completed a state-accredited registered nurse (RN) or licensed vocational nurse (LVN) school but were not licensed as an RN or LVN in Texas or have not held a nurse license that has been revoked or if you are currently a nursing student in any state and are able to provide basic nursing skills.

Once you pass the exam, the nurse aide certificate will be sent to you within four to six weeks and to check the status of your certification, you can call the toll free number: 1-800-452-3934. You will be asked to enter your Social Security number.

If you fail the exam, you can re-sit it twice but if you fail it a third time you will need to complete another nurse aide training program before you are allowed to retake the state exam.

This link: www.texas-nursing-schools.com/cna-classes.php will lead you to a list of certified training schools in Texas and you will also be able to take the exam the in the training school
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If you have been working as a caregiver rather in facility for a company or personal care for family or a neighbor, you will not have to retake the test there is a form you can fill out, and send in as long as you have someone to verify that you have been working as a caregiver and have it notarized then they will put you back on the registry with out taking classes or retesting. If you have not been active in caregiving for 2 years, then you wont have to take the classes again you just have to retest. Here is a website for one of the applications.
This is the only form online I could fine, not sure if it will help you, I called the cna registry and had them send me the correct form.
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My cna licence expire I want to go take the test for reniew
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I was always told you have to retake the test/class but not for sure. I'd call the nurse aide registry.
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I want to renew my cna license

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