How Do I Renew My Cna License In The State Of Texas?


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There is no actual expiration date on a Certified Nursing Assistant license in the state of Texas. However, to make sure that the license stays current, the CNA must get in touch with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services every two years or so. They do this to verify employment.

The first thing you will need to do is to contact the Nurse Aide Registry to verify your employment status and therefore maintain your registration. You will then need to submit an Employment Verification Form from the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. These are available from this website Alternatively, you can gain access to a form by calling 512-438-2050 and telling them exactly what you are looking for.

You will then need to get your employer to fill out an Employment Verification Form, also available from the website above. Your current or previous employer will do this to record your paid work with them in past years. This tells the department that you are still on an active status when they receive the Verification Form.

If you have been inactive for less than 24 months, then you will need to contact the Nurse Aide Registry who will send you the renewal forms which should arrive three months in advance of renewal. You will also have to pay a recertification fee if you have not been active for less than 24 consecutive months.

If you have been inactive for 24 consecutive months or more, then you will lose both your certification and your active status on the Nurse Aide Registry. In order to regain your certification and an active status, you will need to take the licensing examinations again. Depending on the specific state that you are in, you may be able to challenge the state exam.

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