What Is 0.13333 (3 Repeating) As A Fraction? Can You Also Put An Explanation Thanks :D


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Ordinarily, an over-bar would be used to identify the repeating digits. On Blurtit, an under-bar is easier to create. 0.133   = 0.1*1.33   = 0.1*(1 1/3)    (recognize that 0.33 = 1/3)   = (1/10)*(4/3)   = 4/30
When the repeating digits start at the decimal point, the equivalent fraction can be found by putting the repeating digits over an equal number of nines. 0.142857142857 = 142857/999999 = 1/7    (there are 6 repeating digits, so we use 6 nines in the denominator) In your problem above, we rearranged the number so as to put the repeating part at the decimal point.

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