How Could I Sign Up For Educomp.smartclass?


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The following website provides information about the affiliates, partners, and other matters related to the Educomp Smartclass:
  • It is possible that the schools and colleges listed on the above site will provide links to the smart class that you are asking about.

According to the website, 'Roots to Wings', 'EuroKids', International Schools, Millennium Schools, 'Takshila Schools' and 'Universal Academy' are the schools and colleges related to EduComp.

These schools are probably where you would sign up for the smart class.
The website was not 100% clear on how to sign up for the smart classes, but when clicking on EduComp Online links, a section telling us about the product and service provided a contact form.

It seems likely that you need to contact EduComp directly to determine which is the best possible approach to sign up for the class. The online section seems to offer practice tests and tutorials.

There is a member log in on this page: The page is for students, but there are also links for parents, teachers, and other users. By unlocking the member area, you may find a link to the smartclass you wish to sign up for.
It does say that class assignments can be downloaded from the student section, where you can also check scores and take tests. News and other announcements can also be found in this section.

Should you want to learn more about the Smartclass and EduComp concept, the links provided will offer plenty of opportunity to obtain additional information about them and even offers student counseling.

The company has existed since 1994 offering classes in various countries to aid better learning.
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Firstly open the smart class page then click the sign up now enter our e-mail adress or other password

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