How To Use The Word, 'Besides' In A Sentence?


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The word, besides is a preposition that means, 'other than' or, 'as well as'.

An example of its use in a sentence would be: What would you like for dinner besides baked beans on toast?
Using the word 'besides'
As mentioned above, besides is used to begin a prepositional clause. It is usually followed by a noun, or list of nouns.

Another example of the word besides in a sentence is: What are you studying at school besides chemistry, physics and biology?

The difference between 'Besides' and 'Beside'
The main trap that people fall into when using the word besides is that they get it confused with the similarly-spelled preposition, 'beside'.

Although the two words look alike, their meanings are quite different. Beside (without an 's') is used to describe something that is physically 'next to' or 'at the side of' an object.

An example of a sentence using beside would be: Meet me at the tree beside the lake.
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I did not want to go today because of the rain, and besides that, I had so much work to do in the house.

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