Can You Give Me An Example Of The Word Quadrant In An 11 Or More Word Sentence?


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Well these people seem to manage loads of such sentences.

24 word sentence:

A quick look on the web reveals that Quadrant is part of the name of a barristers' chambers, as well as many other businesses.

29 word sentence:
Given that the proper definition of Quadrant is a quarter of the circumference of a circle, I have no idea why it's so popular as a business name.

13 words:

It could be that Quadrant just sounds cool and technical to business people.

24 words:
Quadrant can also refer to other geometric area measurements, as well as a specific scientific instrument used to measure the altitude of celestial bodies.

Oh, and incidentally, the following sentence -- a verbatim copy of the question -- also meets the required conditions, coming in at 17 words:

Can you give me an example of the word quadrant in an 11 or more word sentence.

And final comment, in 19 words:

Well, I could go on and on, because quadrants, quadrants, quadrants, I never knew they could be so interesting!
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Too many quadrant sentences Scavenger, could we try quadrangle next time? You think maybe we're being played?

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