Can You Give Me A Sentence Using The Word Treason?


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He committed treason by giving secrets to our countries enemies.
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1. Queen Elizabeth II has committed Treason by having all EU Treaties signed on her behalf.

2. Prime-Ministers such as: Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have committed Treason - by signing EU Treaties.

3. 'Common Purpose' Graduates are committing Treason by collaborating with the EU to help it take-over the UK.

4. Mp's are committing Treason by allowing 75% of UK laws to be made and passed in Brussels, and rubber-stamping those Laws.

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Treason rhymes with reason and season
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''I am sorry that I used treason to you if there is any thing that I can do about it you can tell me about it.'' thats how you use the word treason in a sentence
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Oh gosh thank you who ever you are this sentence saved my grade for reading
this is such a great sentence i wish i coule talk to you but i gotta go to bed see ya at school
p.s. Thanks for giving me the answer -stephanie l.
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My dad is a treason f our country 

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