How Long Does Welding School Take?


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A full-time student can earn a welding degree in about two years. This training can be found at a community or technical college. Students can also earn education and industry certifications in less than two years. To earn your degree you will mostly take welding classes but some related instruction will also be required. This will include classes like technical writing, applied math, interpersonal communication and human relations on the job.

Currently there is a major shortage of qualified welders in America and no end of it is in sight. Whilst the recession is still raging and lots of manufacturing jobs are shipped overseas, US manufacturers are struggling to fill their open welding jobs, despite people coming out of welding schools.

Most welding courses in welding schools are usually short and really specific. You will learn to read blueprints and practice welding as part of your course. As a beginner, you can expect to complete two semesters of introductory welding principles in one of your local welding schools before digging deeper.

The courses are integrated with many hours of hands-on experience doing welding, so there is no time to get bored. While you are working through different phases of your training, all aspects of welding are touched. You will cover basic and advanced techniques, safety and practical use. This will make sure that you can enter the field prepared coming out of welding schools. Once you have your welding certification, you are ready to go on the job.
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Depends if you go to day school or night.     Night school is 12 weeks and you just learn the fundamentals. Day school is 2 semesters and they cover all types of welding mig, tig, brazing , ect.

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