Is It Possible That Without Ielts I Can Take Admission In Master Degree In Computer Science?


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Hello sir, AM Vennesla from india, I recently completed my B.Tech, and I want to study m.s in u.k  but I don't have ielts score AM not interested in it, so please tell the details about without ielts ,which universities offering M.S. What is the process of admission,
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It depends on the requirement of university because every university has different terms and conditions that foreign students have to fulfill in order to take admission in specific courses. But you will need IELTS course to get admission in any foreign university.
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Definitly not.UK immigration rules have changed.Any body wishing to settle,work or study will require a certificate of English approved for the purpose of stay.The idea of an IELTS exam is to see if you have a level of English sufficient enough to qualify you for further education.
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Sure it depends on your citizenship. If you belong to the country other than like uk, Scotland. Than you need to do IELTS in good band like more than 7.0
with IELTS you can get admission in famous and standard universities.
It is also possible that some universities in uk offer their admission without IELTS but most they have not standard knowledge universities so overall I will suggest you that first you must do IELTS in good band before going for admission.
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what is the language of instruction in your classes both in Under graduation and schools can you provide full proof documents on that to the University. Some university may consider on that.

But I always recommend to go for IELTS/TOEFL, it is not so hard needs few months preparation only.

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