Are there any Colleges that you can get a Master's degree in without having a 3.0 GPA?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I looked your question up and there are many conflicting answers. Some say Yes and some say a Ph.D is easier to get with that GPA. I think it best that you look it up and see what you think.

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Sure, but then you have to ask yourself this... Is it worth it? The programs you get into would probably lack pedigree. Are companies related to your major recruiting directly from the program? If they are, then you're going to bet those programs are pretty competitive to get into.

Also, are you doing your masters after undergraduate or do you already have your foot in the door? If you already have a job at a reputable place it doesn't really matter where you get your masters.

In my field for instance, software, it's better to be working for 2 years at a real job than to spend those years earning a masters. Those who graduate with a masters start off with an extra 15k at most from the same university. 90k vs 105k isn't that much of a big deal for 2 years worth of additional schooling. You'd surpass it just by working.

However if you're planning to work in something like public education, you could earn your doctorate from the "University" of Phoenix for all they care.

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