What Is A 2.75 Gpa In College?


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Katie Harry answered
It is a B- grade

A --- 4.00
A- ---3.75
B+ --3.5
B ----3
B- ---2.75
C+ ---2.5
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John Mickle answered

It really depends on your major. You should probably strive for better that 2.75. For a first semester its ok though. You can use it as a learning opportunity, think about what you did that may have contributed to a lower GPA. Maybe study more or change your habits e.g. Study alone... If you don't end up raising it and still want to transfer you could probably write about how the environment at your current school is not good...and use the GPA as evidence that you aren't comfortable there.

How to Calculate GPA?Colleges like improvement in grades. If you show them you are truly working hard, through volunteering, high GPA, and high SAT scores, they will be more inclined to accept you. Still, you have virtually no chance of getting in Ivy League schools, though there are plenty of great schools that look at other factors besides your GPA that you can get into. Just work hard, and show them you are improving!
Good luck!

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