Is A 2.8 Gpa In College Good?


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That's what I had and I'm a professional. Got straight Bs, few As, an occasional C. Worked my ass off for it, too.

It's not bad. GPA doesn't matter, the person matters. Your GPA won't go on your resume.
Most transfer students get in with a 2.5, so if you have a 2.5, you're good to go. If you're trying to get into a competitive school then a 3.3 is usually competitive, but who wants to go to a competitive school anyway? :P
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A 2.8 GPA is okay. It's not good, but it's not bad either. It's right in the middle.

However, under your circumstances that you're a single mother I think 2.8 GPA is great. I can tell you tried hard, but taking 5 courses, I recommend you don't do that again!

I only take four courses tops, and I don't have a child. I think you put to much pressure on yourself. Just maybe take 1 or 2 courses a semester, and you can take care of your child as well.

2.8 is acceptable for plenty of colleges, but it does put more weight on you ACT or SAT scores, one this you should definitely focus on is extracurricular activities, schools love students who are active, not saying you have to be a 5 star football recruit but being involved in clubs/orgs. Is a definite plus; also try getting a few letters of recommendation.I highly recommended you this online GPA Calculator that helps  you to do various calculations :

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Yes, if you want to go to a community college or not a good as a college but personally I think that a 3.4 and up is a good GPA. But that's my opinion
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It depends. I wouldn't be happy with that GPA. But what are you trying to do with your life? If you need to get into a good school for your career then no way is that good. If you're just going for your AA then that is fine. Personally I think 3.5+ would be a good gpa. But I'm trying to get into med school lol.

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