I'm Planning A Going Away To College Party, What Should The Invitations Say?


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A college party invitation should have a number of information displayed on it. For example, if it is a theme party then the invitation should portray that theme and possibly mention if fancy dress clothes or other dress code is required. In addition, it should state on the invitation if alcohol will be present at the party and if guests have to bring their own.

There should also be a note stating that all underage guests should not drink any alcohol. Moreover, it should state whether guests are allowed to bring a friend, or even more than one. The host may not want the party to get out of control so they will probably state if they do not want additional people to turn up.

Moreover, the most important aspects of a college invitation are the details of where the party is being held, at what time the party begins and possibly ends. Also, the host's name should be on the invitation along with the location. However, some people may put a general location for people and after the guests have responded to the invite, they will give them the exact location. This is to stop unwanted people from turning up and ruining the party.

If there are certain costs, like a fee to get in to a club or contributions for the funding of the party, then that should be stated on the invite for you to bring with you or pay in advance. Lastly, there will be a section clearly displaying the RSVP which will usually contain the request for a name, email, cell phone number and so on.
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Your are invite to the college party

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