What Is Best Farewell Party Name ?


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There are many names out there that you could copy, nearly all will be a pun or a play on some event or association you may have, this could however, be considered cheesy and cheapen the event. You would be much better served naming your party something simply that has an intrinsic sentimental value to those attending e.g. The name of your school, or work etc.
Throwing a farewell party can be a very emotional time as people have to say their goodbyes to friends and colleagues they will have gotten to know well over the last few years. Depending on the type of party and location you are throwing it in, you may want to make it more of a happy time though by coming up with a few farewell party games.

The 'best' game is obviously going to vary by personal preference but here are some great ideas for some games you could play at your party:

  • Start a scrap book with comments about your favorite memories about your time at your workplace or college. Get all the guests to add to it and include their own photos and memories, this could be a digital scrapbook so everyone can have a copy.
  • Another great idea is having a treasure hunt with clues about where the person is moving to or what they will be best remembered for. The prize will be to find the actual person who is leaving.
  • Have a pop quiz with facts about your time together in a workplace or other environment. People have to guess whether the comments are true or not.
  • Play pass the parcel and with each layer of paper that comes off the present, have a memory about the person that needs to be read aloud for everyone to hear.
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Final push, the finale, the end, crossroads
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Last get-together.

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