What Titles Should I Make For My Seniors In Their Farewell Party?


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Good titles or awards for a farewell party should be light-hearted, funny, and should not be at all distastful. Unless the recipient is absolutely, 100 per cent guaranteed to understand that their title is joke, you should avoid jokey titles if they could be misconstrued as offensive or hurtful. After all, this is their farewell party, and your seniors are there to have a great evening, and to bring their time as a senior to a fitting close - you don't want to ruin it by coming up with titles that are a little bit too tongue-in-cheek.

Safe titles that are easy to think up are superlatives - words that end in "est", or phrases that start with "most". Titles such as "most likely to get 100% in a test" or "funniest jokes" are effortless to come up with and enjoyable to receive. Common titles also include the "cutest couple" or "best dressed" award.

If you are awarding a title to one of your seniors based on one of their characteristics, make sure that it is a characteristic which will be recognised by everyone at the farewell party. It's not good awarding the "funniest guy" award to a senior with a great sense of humor...that only you understand! In order for the titles to seem relevant to the rest of the seniors, and for them to be a hit, titles should be awarded to the most obvious recipient. A good way to judge what the seniors think of each other is by asking them to fill in a quick questionnaire at the end of a class. Only use positive questions, such as "who do you think has the best sense of humor?" or "who is the best dressed person in the class", in order to get positive feedback which you can translate into your titles.
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I want to know some titles based on intelligence, good student, style, naughty, behavior
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I want some titles which I have to give to our seniors in the farewell party
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Shaitaan Khopdi
Mr. Bean
Punjabi Tadka
Modenr Gandhi
Prince Charming
Khiladi no. 1
Chilly Sauce
Cent Percent Innocent
Sweet n sour
Chachi 420
Million Dollar Smile
Ms. Congeniality
Proud Lion
Cutie Pie
Ms./ Mr. Follow-me
Ms./Mr. You can't beat me
Computer Maestro
Jolly gud fellow
Ms./Mr. I'm always right
Mr. Metal Head
Ms. Silence please
Silence Queen
Mr./ Ms. 10/10
Mr./Ms. I know more
Bade Dil wala
All Time Money (ATM)
Ms. Nimble Feet
Sugar coated Pill
Bubble Bebe
Charlie Chaplin
Bunty widout Bubbly
Fashion Plate
Hunk of the town
Food Express
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Suggest me titles that can be given to student of class12th
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Valuable is the work you do
Outstanding in how you always come through
Loyal, sincere, and full of good cheer
Untiring in your efforts throughout the year
Notable are the contributions you make
Trustworthy in every project you take
Eager to reach your every goal
Effective in the way you fulfill your role
Ready with a smile like a shining star
Special and wonderful -- that's what you are!!
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My senior name shilpi agrawal  I want to suggest a title foe her and her characteristics are that she is very intelligent girl,having dark complexion and she used to talk less and her smile is shyable
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Ms/Mr Animated
Ms Dramatic
Ms speed
Ms know it all
Ms blunt
Ms trouble maker
Ms studious
Ms book worm
Ms leave (for irregular presence at the institute)
Ms helpful
Ms smily
Ms generous
Ms always around
Ms background

hope this helps...
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Hmm for someone whos a runner y not
Ms speed

and for someone who doesnt come to school often

Ms leave
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The older I get, the better I used to be.
Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it!
Once you're over the hill, you pick up speed!
We'd rather be over the hill than under it.
Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternatives.

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