What Is The Wisest Thing You Were Taught By An Elderly Person?


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My grandmother told me to live my life for myself but to remember that my family is always watching.
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My grandmother told me a few things

1.  Always be true to yourself
2.  Do whatever you do because you want to do it and not because other people want you to do it.
3.  When you fall get up and start again.
4.  When you dream, dream big and go after your dreams, on her deathbed she said that if she could have her life over she would do all the things she  always dreamed of doing, and live every day like it is her last, and do it to the full.
5.  When you promise to do something then do it, if you know that you won't do it then don't promise anything, because you would endup looking bad.
6.  Don't tell lies because it got the nasty habit of coming back and biting you in the back

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Your grandmother sounds like a terrific lady!
Michelle New Zealand
Thank you, she was a terrific lady, and she had a lot of respect from everyone she new, and she was also my biggest inspiration in my life.
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My Grandmother told me Jesus will return again to tell of his father,so be good to all people for we know not which person he will chose to represent him it could be the very person you chose to build up hatred for....that is my story and I'm sticking to it,that is the reason for my being calm in the face of ignorance until you push me,because I know God nor Jesus would act out in that way,And force another to show a negative side when it does not have to be, we all are human and have feelings...  
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Almost forgot "Don't bite off no more than you can chew" always heard that from mom,plus don't let your mouth run up a bill your buttock can't pay......
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I wasn't personally taught this one, but it sure was wise, my brother and his father in law were going down to the Kenai to do some deliveries, with his milk man business, and before they left, the father in law bought a case of beer, and put it on the truck. He said, "On this trip son, you are going to learn how to drink." My brother is thinking that they might have to camp over night along the highway with this,... But, he soon learned how to drink from his father in law. He had one beer and left the rest of them alone.
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Gee, there's a lot, but this is the only one that seems to come to mind right now...
....To be respectful and honest...That's from my Momma! She is a great Lady!
I also learned a lot from my Grandma, she was my Buddy, and I really miss her.
...love, cyndi
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My grandmother lived to be 103 and told me a lot of valuable things.  She was a Bible scholar and encouraged me to regularly read scripture.  But I think the most important things she  showed me as much as told me is to never let yourself be put in an awkward situation.  In other words don't associate with people who don't appreciate you or put you down.  Don't allow anyone to talk you into doing something that would make you look foolish or embarrass you later.  In short: Always look your best, present yourself well, and choose your words very carefully.  Of course, like most of your grandma's she did say.
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself."
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My grandmother was a mid-wife, way back and she taught me to never turn your back on anyone that needed help.  For example, she took care of 4 children in her home  (she had 9 of her own and was very poor) while  their mother was very ill and the father had to work away and could not take care of them. This lasted a few years, then the father finally came after them. 

That was only one thing ... She was always there for everyone, always delivering babies (sometimes she got paid with vegetables or a goat.) I always remember that almost everyone needs a helping hand at one time or another and somehow things are provided. 

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Cyndi C.
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Wow! That's really cool.....I bet there was a lot you could learn from her! I would have loved to know her!.......love, cyndi
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Respect.  Compassion.  There is always something to be learned from those who are dealing with the consequence of long life.....the body or the mind begin to betray the occupant.  We owe them our time , our gratitude.  They deserve  the dignity.
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I can name a few wise things that were taught to me that have done me good in my life: Keep God in your heart; Treat your children like today is the last day, Patience is most certainly a virtue; and, take care of your feet....(that one was compliments of my hubby's mom) She's a trip, and a real girly-girl back in the day I suppose  :o)
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It was about not being upset about making mistakes. I was having a hard time at work and getting noticeably frustrated and  an old timer came over and started some small talk. After a while ha said "y'know, if  you're not making mistakes, you're not doing anything." then he got up and walked away. It didn't make any sense at first, then it hit me. If i were lazy and at home doing nothing i'd never make mistakes ;) yeah, i'd rather be making the occasional mistake ;)
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He sounds very wise.....I'll have to remember that one! That's pretty deep, huh?
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My family went to a family pub once, and me, my dad and my sister was playing snooker, and suddenly a old man wanted to join in and he showed me how to play really well.
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How to tell time by looking at the sun, How to out run the rain, and to be young as long as you can, coz you'll be old for a long long time.
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Two things I heard from a schoolteacher .  First of all always be true to yourself.  And the other was ...  If you think you can you might ..  But if you know you can , you will .

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