What Are Some Really Good Indie Reads?


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The virgin suicides. 
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Look for books by Augusten Burroughs (his novel 'Running with Scissors' was adapted into a film in 2006), Bret Easton Ellis, Paul Auster and Jonathon Coe. Hunter S Thompson wrote a series of novels and essays all of which are witty, clever and unique. Ben Borek's Don Juan Heights came out recently which is an interesting idea - a novel written in verse. Joe Dunthorne's Submarine came out early this year, and was hailed by the Guardian as the new Catcher in the Rye (J.D Sallinger). Both books explore the world from the perspective of a precosious teenage boy.
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If you are looking for some awesome reads then you should definitely look for "zoya" and "silent honor" by Daniel Steel. These two come under the category of tragedy, romance and drama. You can also get your hands on "to be someone" by Louise Voss which is an indite novel. As for horror, you should try reading "carrie" and "christine" by the horror king himself Stephen King. You can always refer www.amazon.com for good reads.

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