What Is Review Of Related Literature In Thesis?


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A review of related literature is a chapter included in a thesis which outlines all the texts that are used and analyzed in the thesis and texts that provide background information into the subject.

Writing a thesis will usually require a lot of research and time spent reading many journals, essays and papers. These will help the writer of the thesis to understand their subject as best they can and also develop their own unique ideas. All of the texts that were used much be cited though as they have in some way contributed towards the end result of the thesis.

A thesis is also extremely valuable for anyone who is reading the thesis and wishes to read more about the subject. Many of the texts cited in the literature review should help them and lead them to many more texts of interest.
Other reasons for writing a thesis can include:
  • To increase your knowledge of the subject you are writing about
  • To help explain why you chose your particular topic for your thesis. You may have chosen it due to gaps in the literature or because someone else begun an interesting study into your topic and you wish to expand upon it.
  • To ensure that your work can be compared and contrasted with other works and this will also highlight differences if you have found something particularly unique.
  • To avoid rewriting something that has already been published. A thorough literature review before you begin your thesis will ensure you do not end up with a piece of work that has already been thoroughly covered. It will also mean that you know what has been done, what has worked in the past and what did not work at all so it will often save you time.
  • To reveal opposite views to your own. You can use these arguments to provide context and argue your opinion in comparison.

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