What Is Methodology Of The Study In Thesis?


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A thesis statement is a declaration of what you have set out to prove in the paper. A good thesis statement immediately differentiates a thoughtful scholarly research project from a mere restatement of known facts.

A good thesis statement makes the research process far easier and relevant. Extensive background reading is essential to be able to identify key and essential questions. You may not fully be able to know where you stand on a topic until you have conducted through research. You may start with a working, preliminary and even tentative thesis that you can later modify as you go through the writing process. Many people only realize what they really stand for on a thesis in the middle or even at the end of the writing process and modify the thesis statement later on based n the evidence.

A good thesis statement typically includes these key points

1. Discuss a topic that scholars and learn men have differing views on.
2. The topic should be such that it can be answered within the nature of the paper assigned.
3. Explicitly state and express a single key idea.
4. Present your conclusion on the topic.

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