What Is The Different Between Literature And Literary Appreciation?


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Literature can be defined as written and published works; whether fiction or non-fiction. In the context of English literature and language, the term literature would be reserved for particularly noteworthy books or publications that have gained acclaim for their entertainment and clever written style. "Literature" would refer to the works of different cultures and time periods, and their writing styles. Particular artists or authors are given literary acclaim for their works.
  • Literary appreciation
Literary appreciation is the ability to study, understand and appreciate the famous or noteworthy literature works. Literary appreciation works towards an understanding of writing styles and the use of literary devices within writing, such as imagery and alliteration. It goes beyond merely appreciating the book or author and analyzes the work, picking up on subtleties and nuances in the writing and considering the culture in which it was originally written.
  • Differences
The two terms are therefore completely different. Literary appreciation could not exist without literature in the first place. Literature is the medium through which literary appreciation can be expressed. Literature is the object that literary appreciation looks to study, making literary appreciation a pastime, hobby or career. In this way the two cannot be compared equally as they are two completely different things.
  • Examples of literature
Good literature that tends to be widely studied through literary appreciation includes books such as William Shakespeare's 'Othello' and 'Romeo and Juliet', John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men' and works by such authors as Charles Dickens, Jane Austin and JK Rowling for her work with the 'Harry Potter' books, which may be studied in the future.
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Literature is written language; we usually use it to mean novels, poetry, plays and essays although it isn't only that.

Literary appreciation is the analysis, criticism and understanding of literature. So (for example) a poem is a piece of literature; if you discuss its meaning and/ or write an essay analysing it, that is literary appreciation.
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Literature is the written and oral codification of human experiences within a given space and time be it temporal or spacial expressed in words either rhyme or unrhymed.while literary appreciation is an activity in which audience enters the world of lit artist with the aim of analysing its value or beauty.example the appreciation of da vinci's enigmatic monalisa. Hassan

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