What Are The Differences Between Oral And Written Literature?


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Oral literature is as explained done through words and speaking, whereas written is through the written word. This is important as there have been a tremendous amount of written stories over the past few hundred years that have been the cornerstone of English literature.
This ranges from Geoffrey Chaucer and his Wife of Bath Tales to William Shakespeare and the contribution he has made on written literature on the world. Born in the 16th Century, William Shakespeare is probably one of the most influential and well known authors of the last four or five hundred years.
Written literature can be in the form of short stories, novels and prose whereas oral literature can be described as poems and bards.
Shakespeare's life started in Stratford upon Avon which is in the Midlands in the UK. Stratford is just north of Coventry and Birmingham and has had an incredible influence on English written literature.
Other English writers that have had a profound significance not just on oral but written literature are William Wordsworth, Wilfred Owen and Mark Twain who had a number of successful novels including the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Mark Twain who travelled across Europe recounting his tales.
Charles Dickens is also another important English author of written literature. Dickens composed one of the most famous tales of modern time entitled A Christmas Carol which has now become a successful adaptation and has made its move onto the big screen and television.
It tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge who does not believe in the holiest of Christian festivals and who is visited by three of the most famous ghosts in Christmas past, present and future. This tale is so important that it is shown every time when the holiday season comes around.
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Oral literature can be defined as the sphere of spoken words to literature. Written Literature works in the domain of written words and the sphere of spoken word is known as oral literature. The difference between oral culture and written culture is that oral literature forms more fundamental component of culture. Moreover, oral literature is performance based such as telling of urban legends is an example of this literature while written literature is more theoretical like novels.

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The differences between Oral and Written Literature is that:
Oral literature- this is done through speaking ..
Written Literature - is done through writing and this has become more evident nowadays because this shows and proves some of the past histories.
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Oral literature can be defined as a method of expression via verbal contact, it entails literature in the oral form, it may be divided into: Epics, panegyrics, folktales, riddles, myths, oral tradition, e.t.c

Oral literature is based on spoken words and so therefore makes the study of it more and more interesting, a classic example of oral literature is "The Odyssey" , this story was told from generations to generations before it was converted to the written form.
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Written literature has authors, has specific time when the work was published, gets its material from oral literature, cannot be performed; oral literature has no author but performer, there is no specific time when the story was created i.e 'long time ago', can be performed to an audience; accompaniments can be used, facial expressions and other paralinguistics can be employed. The audience to written literature is the reader whereas the audience to oral literature is the listener.
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Written literature is when it can be read by many ... Oral literature is the spoken word, often stories handed down to future generations by story telling .
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Written takes longer and is more permanent and binding whereas oral is quicker, only as good as person talking, not as binding as its harder to prove in court if needbe, can change when repeated
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Written communication you have access to it to refer back to if needed,oral communication you have to rely on memory,written communication allows you to maintain the information and remember as you are writing the information down,you are learning as you write,oral is totally memory and you must be good at it to be able to repeat it as you heard it,written there is no room for mistakes other than misspelling,my brain just shut down and I hope this helps you somewhat good luck....  
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Written communication travels through time. We can learn the thoughts of the Greeks of 3000 years ago, because they wrote them down. We can send messages to the future if we write them down. Oral communication is
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  • shows emotion well
  • expresses body language
  • get the thought out
  • can express emotion but in diffrent ways
  • easier to hide feelings
  • conceals body language
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please can someone explain to me the relationship between fact and fiction in oral literature

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There are many clear differences between oral and written literature. In modern times, written literature has been preferred to oral literature because written literature in most cases serves as or contains facts and evidence, whereas oral literature is said to be words without evidence (though it is more interesting).

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Oral literature is something said aloud and tends to be more informal than written literature. In literature it is often used to get to know a particular character. Written literature tends to be more formal with few slang's or contractions

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