What Is Literary Appreciation And Study Skills Mean?


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Literary appreciation and study skills are essential abilities that will be taught to pupils during their time at school and that will be very useful to them in the future. The meaning of literary appreciation is to analyze, criticize and understand literature. Literary appreciation can be applied to numerous forms of literature such as novels and poetry, essays or articles. Being able to discuss the meaning behind the words and possibly write an essay on it is considered to be literary appreciation.

Literary appreciation is necessary to understand and apply to help students through literature class but it can also be incorporated into daily life, particularly at University.

Study skills, also referred to as study strategies, are different approaches that can be applied to learning. Study skills are often quoted by schools, Universities and learning programs as being essential for succeeding in examinations and achieving good grades. They are also considered to help students after they graduate and find jobs.

There are many different methods of study skills that are based on different aspects involved in studying because each one appeals to an individual type of studying.

There are methods that are based on memorizing facts such as rote learning and rehearsal. These methods can involve the method of loci (associating key information with specific locations), acronyms, mnemonics, or visual imagery. Methods based on developing communication skills such as listening and speaking tasks. Methods that are based on improving examination strategies. Important methods that are also taught are based on improving time management skills, organizing notes and information and changing your lifestyle so that you can study more efficiently.
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Literary appreciation means studying works of fiction, poetry, drama etc in a detailed way to increase your understanding and enjoyment of the author's language use, meaning, effects etc. Study skills are more general and apply to any kind of study - they include the ability to take accurate notes, to summarise the content of a text and to ask relevant questions.
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Literary Appreciation is an activity which needs to feel, imagine, experience and evaluate literary works creatively.   To express   the views   toward this literary work.

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