What Is The Format For An Investigatory Project Review Of Related Literature?


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If you are looking for the correct format for your investigatory project review of related literature, or in simpler terms, a review of a piece of literature that is of a similar genre to one that you are already studying, you will need to follow the steps in this answer. Reviews of literature are everywhere: In books themselves, on the internet or in your favorite magazine or newspaper. You can get inspiration from almost anywhere.

  • Your title

You need to think about a theme for your project review and, given that you are looking at background literature to the piece that you are probably studying, you need to find a key theme or look into the author themselves. If the author has done other work to the piece that you are studying, you could discuss that work and mark out its similarities and differences to the piece that you are studying. You could write about the author, discovering their background and influences and what may have spurred them on to write the stories that they have written.

  • Your information and research

A task like this requires a great deal of research. You need to find the books that are relevant to your project review and your best bet really is to read them thoroughly to get a proper idea of what you are talking about. It does seem incredibly daunting to read through the books, so you only need to do this if the project you are doing is of importance or it is graded. If so, you need to put in every effort possible when doing your research to ensure that the content is rich and relevant. Try not to address the same points for too long and make sure that you don't repeat yourself, as that is a wasted mark. For every valid point that you make, prove and explain, you can gain yourself at least one mark towards your final grade.

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