What Are Some Samples Of Project Proposal For Investigatory Project?


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Some examples of investigatory projects that can be tackled in the field of science are:
  • Magnetism
  • Solar power
  • Fruit Battery
All investigative projects require some form of experimentation, and they assist in the learning experience. The learning is heightened when people can see something happening for themselves, and this is true in the subject of science, as the experiments that take place, should, if performed correctly, mirror what is written in the text books.

When using magnetism, as an example, there are two types of metal, those that are magnetic, and those that are diamagnetic. Projects could involve researching which metals are magnetic and diamagnetic, by testing them against other metals. If the metal attracts and pulls towards the other metal, then they are both magnetic, however, if they pull apart, this means that at least one, or possibly both are diamagnetic.

Testing solar power is an experiment that has become more common in the age of environmentally friendly products, as we seek to source different forms of energy. By using solar energy to power remote controlled items such as cars, or planes, students are able to see how the solar power works, and therefore will appreciate it more.

Chemists have been using fruit for years in various experiments, including testing their ability to be used in forms of medicine. Students can wire a piece of fruit to a battery, and this can show that the energy created by the fruit can be used to power anything. Obviously, the amount of fruit needed to power certain things will differ depending on the energy needed to power it. The acidity of different fruits will also affect the amount of power it can create.

All these experiments should be used alongside traditional methods of learning, and are there simply to enhance the learning process.
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