Science Investigatory Projects That Are Environmentally Friendly?


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If you are looking for science projects for your children, yourself or perhaps your class of children at the school you work at, there are many ideas for environmentally friendly ones. Just think about what will help the universe and work on that. For example, if you are teaching young children, you can grow little plants, trees or flowers and create lessons plans surrounding plants and how things grow. The children can create records of how long it takes for the trees and plants to become visible above the ground and the different stages they go through before they become fully grown.

Another example would be creating a project to help out animals in your environment, perhaps going out doing a street clean up, whilst teaching your children the importance of refraining from littering as it can harm animals. It is easy to go online and search for environmentally helpful projects for your students, looking for something unique to your area and students. Share your finds with other teachers and you can create a larger environmental message in your school.

You could do a study on the Ancient Egyptians and the way they mummified their dead bodies turning them into 'prunes'. To do this, instead of using dead bodies in your experiment, use an apple and show how dehydration can help you mummify items. You can research into the Ancient Egyptians and create lesson plans surrounding the era.

There are so many different things you can choose for your environmentally friendly science projects for your school students. Just do as much research as you can and ask around with other teachers for inspiration. Ask the children in your class too what they'd be interested in studying! If the children are interested in what they're studying; they'll learn more from it.

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