How To Make Research And Methodology Of Investigatory Project?


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Follow the instructions and you'll have a great investigatory project to hand in to your teacher or tutor.

First off, you'll need a topic that is wide enough to provide you with some really interesting scope. However, you must remember that you need to narrow down what you are studying to ensure that you are capable of creating a specific and academic paper. It needs to be manageable, too, so that you can get it done on time - and of course, do it to a really high standard! You'll then need to find some great sources of information, too. Maybe three or four would be good to start with, but you should always check the bibliographies of your sources to get as much as information as possible.

  • It's always a good idea to reserve an index card for each one of your sources, and make sure that you keep a record of all bibliographic info on every card. Number all of the cards, too, to make it easy to refer to them in the future as well. Then, organize the cards by each individual topic. Maybe organize them by sub topics, too.
  • Now, get on to writing your introduction for the paper. It needs to be interesting and it needs to grab the attention of the reader, in order to pave the way for your full project. Once the reader's attention has been grabbed, you can continue the project knowing full well that the attention has been grabbed. Make sure that you always stay on topic with your project, and you back up all of the claims that you make.
  • Come to a sensible conclusion. Once you have written the project you will need to decide whether your hypothesis was correct. You should outline a particular outcome and suggest whether you have been right or wrong all along in your project.

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