How To Make A Gumamela Perfume (example Of Investigatory Project)?


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Making perfume from Gumamela is a popular science project for children due to reasonably easy process that is involved. Before you begin making Gumamela perfume you will need to make sure that you have the correct ingredients and equipment. You will need:

• One cup of gumamela flowers (a type of hibiscus)
• Five by five inch of muslin pouch
• A rubber band
• Half an ounce of gumamela essential oils
• Two quart glass bowl
• A potato masher
• One cup of distilled water
• One quarter of a cup of ethyl alcohol and a 20 oz spray bottle.

If this experiment is being carried out for a child's investigatory project, make sure that they are supervised by an adult at all time. Once all of the ingredients and equipment has been collected, the following steps can then be carried out.

• Fill the muslin pouch with the cup of gumamela flowers. Secure the pouch with the rubber band and place it in the glass bowl. You can then add the cip of distilled water to the bowl and microwave the bowl for around four minutes.
• Remove the bowl from the microwave and mash the muslin pouch with a potato masher within the bowl. This will express the essential oils that are contained within the pouch of flowers. This should be continued until the water has gained a reddish pink hue. The pouch can then be discarded and the liquid poured into the spray bottle.
• Add the ethyl alcohol and gumamela essential oils to the spray bottle. The oils help to enhance the aroma of the perfume and also help it stick to the skin. The ethyl alcohol can be replaced with water for those with sensitive skin but this will create more of a body spray. The lid can then be placed on the spray bottle and the whole think shaken vigorously for a few minutes to blend everything together.

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