Investigatory Project How To Make Grass Charcoal?


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Charcoal can be made from grass and weeds quite easily. This process takes place in a number of countries, especially in Africa, as a means of turning parts of the land into useful items. Other items that are made from the grass include:

• Mats
• Baskets
• Hats

To make the charcoal, the grass and weeds are first removed manually from the ground. This can take some time, as some of the weeds are tough to get out of the ground. The grass then needs to be burnt and added to dry clay. The mixture should be 85% burnt grass and 15% dry clay. Once these two items have been mixed together water should be added to the mix.

The mixture should be stirred until it develops into a thick mixture, and it is then left to dry, either naturally or with the aid of machines. You then have charcoal that can be used for burning.

The grass used in this process is a type of grass called Typha grass, which is found in various countries and is a thick variety of grass. This is useful to do as the weeds and grass would be removed from the ground anyway, and in this way at least something is being made from it, that can then be sold on to make a profit, or can be used by the people themselves. This type of charcoal actually burns for longer than ordinary wood charcoal, and is therefore more energy efficient.

This process is used in science projects and experiments in many American schools, and is a simple one to achieve.

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