Where Can I Buy 100% Organic Cotton, Fair-trade Or Environmentally Friendly School Uniforms?


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John Lewis, George (ASDA), Woolworths and Gap Kids all at least occasionally sell 100% cotton polo school shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans, at quite competitive prices.

100% cotton trousers, skirts and tights are harder to find (although Gap Kids sometimes sells them). The trousers especially tend to be rather expensive, about 20/pair, compared to only 4-7 for the more conventional Teflon-coated polyester. Pioneers in this market have been Cotton Comfort and The Healthy House who sell skirts, tights and trousers.

Clean Slate sell organic fair-trade kids' school clothes at competitive prices (compared to other 100% cotton supply clothes).

Keep in mind that cotton isn't all that green a crop, even if organic or fair-trade. Growing cotton requires a lot of pesticides (unless grown organically), and a lot of water. In an increasingly water-scarce world this is something to worry about. A better choice (although doesn't seem to be available as an option yet for school clothes) would probably be clothes made from hemp, which has low water and pesticide inputs.

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