Please give sample format of an investigatory project?


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A number of steps must be taken to produce a satisfactory investigatory project containing all the necessary elements; these steps are outlined below. Whatever type of investigatory project you are undertaking, presuming it has a scientific purpose you should use the following format to show others exactly how and why you have carried out your project, and what it has shown.
  • Introduction and hypothesis
At the beginning of your investigatory project, a description of what you are about to do should be given. If necessary, you should also provide a hypothesis. This is a prediction, or educated guess, stating what you believe will happen in your experiment. It may be necessary to say what you think the overall result at the end will be.

  • List of equipment
You should then list any equipment and materials you require to carry out your investigatory project. If relevant, you should include specifications and quantities along with items to keep matters clarified.
  • Procedure
After this, you should list the procedure you will be carrying out in detail. Explain exactly what you will be doing and why. This part of the write up can be completed after the project has taken place - or throughout if it is a long project - if more convenient.
  • Results and analysis
Once your project has been completed, you need to state and explain what you found. At this point you could mention whether or not your original hypothesis was correct. You should say exactly what happened and why you think that was.
  • Evaluation
After your project, you should evaluate it, stating anything that went wrong with your project and how it could be improved. This is done so that if you or anyone else repeated the project, developments could be made.

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