Can You Suggest A Simple Investigatory Project That Could Be Done In Just One Night?


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To put together a simple investigatory project that can be completed in a single night, consider testing the time it takes to boil a pot of water; then, compare and contrast the time it takes to boil a pot of water that has salt added. As you'll see when you complete the investigatory project, salt has an effect on the speed with which water will boil. To record your conclusions for a science project, consider the following things:

Things To Consider As You Make Your Conclusions

• Relative Speed - You'll need to use a stopwatch to get an exact reading for both boiling times; if you don't have a stopwatch, use a good watch with a sweeping second hand. In order to compare both boiling times (with salt and without salt), you'll need exact time measurements.
• Amounts - In a proper science experiment, it's necessary to record the exact amount of substances used; for example, you must record how much water was used in each pot, and how much salt was added for that specific test. To add more interest to the investigatory project, consider testing different amounts of salt - will a change in salt amount effect your final result, or boiling time?
• Applications - Once you've figured out what salt does to the boiling time of a pot of water (it should slow it down), you can consider some real-life applications for your conclusions; for example, how will the facts you've collected influence everyday tasks, such as food preparation? Record these possible applications as part of your project conclusions.

To make your quick and simple investigatory project more interesting and professional looking, buy Bristol board and add tables, charts and drawings outlining the steps of your experiment. Then, add your final project conclusions in bold print that is easy to read.

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