Can You Give Me A Investigatory Project For Grade 6?


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It is really best to research and come to a decision on a title for your grade 6 investigatory project yourself, however here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Can plants grow without soil?
  • What light is best for plants to grow in?
  • Is solar energy useful?
  • What type of insects are common in the garden?
When you have a list of ideas for investigatory projects then it is best to talk to your tutor before deciding on one for sure. Your tutor will be able to suggest which one may be best to do; they will have past experience in what makes the best investigatory projects and which ones you may struggle with.

It is worth trying to pick something that you may have genuine interest in. This way you are likely to enjoy it more and perhaps will mean you put more time and effort into it.

You need to try and predict what you believe the outcome to be. The best investigatory projects are the ones which produce definitive results. You should therefore go for one you know will give you an answer. You will also have time constraints, so you need a project that can definitely be completed in the time-frame you are given.

Like with any science project you will have to write up the results and also analyze them - you need to try and pick a project which will produce enough results for a detailed report to be written on.
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