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There is no specification as to what field you want an investigatory project problem in, so I am going to suggest a problem involving chemistry. The problem you could investigate how the temperature of different liquids are affected whilst indoors.

To investigate this problem, you will need to get your hands on some materials and pieces of equipment. You will need:

• Water, rubbing alcohol and some cooking oil
• Four plastic plates and 12 paper towels
• An infrared thermometer
• A stopwatch
• A measuring cup
• A stovetop

First thing you will need to do is leave all three of your liquids for a while so that they can warm to room temperature. You will then need to place your four plastic plates upside down on a waterproof surface, such as a kitchen worktop. Then fold a paper towel in half twice and place on folded paper towel on each of the upside down plates.

You will then need to make sure you label which paper towel will represent which condition. You will need one that remains dry, one that is wet with water, one that is wet with rubbing alcohol and one that is wet with oil. Don't drench them in the liquids - just enough to make them slightly wet.

Begin timing with your stopwatch and record the temperatures of each paper towel using your infrared thermometer. Measure each paper towel every two minutes and record the results that you see. You should look to repeat this several times to create an average.

You could elaborate further with this project by adding a fan into the experiment. Repeat everything as stated above but have an electric fan blowing air onto the paper towels as the experiment is progressing.

If you need any other ideas, there is a vast collection on this website it has a lot of project ideas for all sorts of academic areas.   

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