What Are Examples Of Easy Simple And Stress Free Investigatory Project?


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A baking soda volcano is a simple and classic investigatory project you can create at home and take to class for a science project. In order to make this project a proper science project, you'll need to set up a hypothesis, record observations, and draw conclusions based on your own thoughts about your science project. Try to link the result of your investigatory project with the real world - how can your project result help mankind. Don't be afraid to ask a teacher or grownup for help before you start your investigatory project; in fact, it's an excellent idea to get approval for your topic (in this case, a baking soda volcano) before you begin to gather supplies and prepare the project.

Tips On Creating This Investigatory Project

• To get started, you'll need to build the cone section of the volcano; this can be made with a mixture of baking flour, salt, oil, and water. When you choose the right amounts (there are plenty of recipes for this type of project), you'll get a paste that is quite thick and substantial. Use this to mold the shape for your cone.
• You'll need a bottle to put inside of the cone; this should have some red food coloring in it, as well as some lukewarm water. If you prefer, set your bottle in place and mold the cone around it. However, the water needs to stay warm.
• Add some dish soap (use a liquid) to the bottle once it's ready; this soap will make more bubbles once the chemical reaction begins.
• Add vinegar to your "volcano" to make it erupt.

Finding scientific things to say about your volcano will be pretty easy. For example, you can mention that the red lava in your volcano was created due to a chemical reaction between two of your basic ingredients (vinegar and baking soda). You can also write that the volcano produces a gas made from carbon dioxide.

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