How Can A Problem Statement Be Formulated So That It Is Considerate Of Stakeholders' Perspective?


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A problem statement that is considerate of stakeholders should be formulated in such a way that the needs of the stakeholders are met. To do this it is important to find out who the stakeholders are, and it is vital to tailor the statement to meet their expectations. The stakeholders will require a detailed analysis of the problem and the various ways that the problem can be addressed. They can then choose the best course of action, according to their needs and expectations.

  • Problem statement
A problem statement is a description that is created to solve issues that have arisen within a business. Points that should be addressed when constructing a problem statement are what the problem is and why the statement is needed. The problem may lie within the company, or it could lie with a customer. The way the problem is addressed will depend on whom the problem is with. The resolution of the problem is the most important part of the problem statement and this should show the amount of money needed to be spent to resolve the problem, as well as the resources and time that will be required to solve the problem. All problem statements should ask and answer why, when, what, where, who and how.

  • Problem solving team
A team that is assembled especially to deal with the problem draws up problem statements. Solving the problem may require some research into the causes of the problem, as well as comparing the problem to past problems, if there have been any. These duties are the responsibility of the team as a whole, and it is also their responsibility to come up with answers to assist in solving the problem.
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If the problem statement raises the management issues then it can be seen from the perspective of the shareholder. Especially in the case of the risk analysis or diversifying the business operations. The management dilemmas are always considered important from the perspective of shareholders.
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