What Is Your Weakness As A Teacher?


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I teach some part-time evening courses in creative writing - and I would say my main weakness is my lack of organizational skills.

Although it might sound terrible for a teacher to admit to such a thing, I think a conscientious teacher should always be able to identify their flaws (and always be looking to improve their performance).

My weakness as a teacher
As mentioned above, my personal weakness is the difficulty I have in organizing things.

It doesn't matter whether it's worksheets for classroom activities, personal paperwork, or books that I've been asked to bring in (I have an extensive personal library, you see - so my students are constantly asking me to bring in rare publications and hard-to-find first editions).

In my eyes, accepting the problem is the first step to fighting it - and I'm constantly trying to come up with ways to make myself more organized.

Here are a few I'm using at the moment:

  • The Outlook calendar on my email is a handy tool.
  • I have started using post-its quite a lot, even around the house.
  • My diary has been very useful for tracking appointments.
  • My mobile phone has all sorts of gadgets and applications that I can use to organize my life (although I haven't quite got round to working out how all of them work!).
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As a pre-school teacher, my weakness is that I have so many lesson plans and activities which I have planned for the children.

But, being in a pre-school, there are so many things going in the school that sometimes I am unable to get the things which I have planned done.

As I have learnt from that experience, I would plan out my lesson according to the most important one first.

In that way, I am able to get the things done. However, I am still learning to organize my time.

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